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M-m-m-my Fauxdori

My Jendori has arrived! It is nothing less than fabulous. While waiting for my real planner, I’ve been carrying around a little notebook that I picked up in Bruges. I think my life has changed already. Pre-planner-life I did tend … Continue reading

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Planner Planning

Making the move to purchase a hard copy planner is causing me to… plan for it. I’ve been researching how to get the most out of my planner, especially when using it along side my digital calendars and list-makers. One … Continue reading

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Holiday Thoughts

I may be repeating myself, but vacation and holidays are so inspiring to me. Chris and I rarely spend a holiday at home because his family is pretty close by. So while I’m away I spend time reading and knitting … Continue reading

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15 Tips for Traveling to Bruges and London

My husband and I just got back from an amazing trip to Bruge and London! We did a lot of things right this time, and we screwed some things up as well. Since I felt like I wasn’t able to … Continue reading

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Cardinal Afternoon

So. I had a fucking crap day. It’s all good, but it was like someone was throwing rotten vegetables¬†at me all day and I had to duck and dodge and deal with all these unexpected erruptions. I kind of surprised … Continue reading

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Woodpecker Afternoon

Or, A Post for Lala Because a Text Message Would Have Been Too Long I took a little walk around the yard with the dogs early this afternoon. I don’t know if it was the coming rain or just the … Continue reading

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A Little Something That I Forgot

Tonight I was cleaning up some posts that had dropped their photos, and taking a big look at this here blog overall, I noticed that in the ebb and flow of me going back and forth between blogging and not … Continue reading

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Chris and I just returned from our annual trip to West Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. Every May we drive north¬†from Florida, we tool around Appalachia visiting family and friends, and we drive back home. This lends a lot of … Continue reading

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A Walk In the Garden (Not my garden. A public botanical garden.)

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TV-Free Tuesday

Tonight is our first experiment with TV-Free Tuesdays. I thought I might be tempted to work on more creative endeavors if Chris and I weren’t glued to the telly evey night of the week. So tonight Chris cooked us a … Continue reading

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