Fiber In-Spiration

I had a revelation at the Florida Fiber In this past weekend. A small revelation, but a revelation nonetheless. You see, I love to spin. I realized this weekend that not only do I love to spin, but I love everything that surrounds the idea and the act of spinning. Especially when another hundred or so people are involved. I love to learn about spinning and I love to pass on to others what I already know.

Lorena and I have been going to the Fiber In off and on for several years now. Along the way I’ve put away any comparisons of this fiber convention to the business and science fiction conventions I’ve been to in the past. This is not that kind of convention. I wouldn’t even call it a convention. I’d call it one long Stitch & Bitch. With occasional meals and constant drinkies. And I like that. Throw in the occasional interesting demo/tutorial, and that’s one damn fine weekend if you ask me.
I spun a lot at the Fiber In this year. I helped Lorena with the Haldecraft booth too, but I mostly spun. And watched other spinners. And talked to other spinners. And talked to potential spinners. I think we recruited a couple of people for our monthly craft group. And all of this filled me with such a warm feeling. Even sitting with another knitter/spinner for an hour at 11pm waiting for someone to come lock the vending room was fulfilling because I got to know my fellow spinner better and we both had some tips and fun stories to trade.
We’ve been back from the Fiber In for well over a week now, and I haven’t stopped. I haven’t stopped spinning, but I also haven’t stopped thinking or talking about spinning. I’ve finished spinning the project that I was working on at the Fiber In, and I’m preparing to knit that yarn up. Just in time to have a beautiful project to show off at the January Spin In in 2014!
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