50 By 50 #34-40: Miscellaneous

33. Digitalize all of the family slides, put them on DVD and send them to dad and Hank. -Last May when I home visiting  my dad, I scanned in all of the family slides that dad had given me. When I declared the project complete and ready to burn to DVD, he pulled out another boxful of them! So I’m halfway done.

34. Put up a bat house on the property.When we moved out here to the Satellite of Love, I asked my dad to make me a couple of bat house. Which he did! But I’ve never put them up. I know there’s a certain time of the year to do it, and they need to be facing a certain direction and such. I need to figure those things out and put it on the calendar.

35. Clean out my jewelry box and begin using it effectively. My jewelry box was another ‘Dad’ project. He made it for me, at my request, years ago. It’s very nice, and can help me be organized, but I only use it as a box right now. Time to clean it out and get rid of a lot of stuff that I’ve never worn.

36. Complete the slide show of our honeymoon photos. I began this six years ago. I got about halfway done three years ago. Time to finish it so that I can share the result with you!

37. Find the anniversary photo book. Update it, and keep it updated. One year for our anniversary I gave Chris a little photo album that documented major events of our lives together. I know now that a hard copy photo album isn’t practical for us, but it’s kind of nice to look at together. I haven’t updated it since I gave the gift, so I’d like to catch up on that.

38. Get back down to a size 10. Because I’m still going to want to wear that black and silver cheerleading skirt when I’m 50.

39. Start wearing sweater vests and handknit socks with garters. Style more. Accessorize better.

40. Get into the habit of backing up your computer every two weeks. Yes, I should have been doing this for year.

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  1. Liz says:

    I can help with the bat house… well, I can’t, Jamey can. He and our friend Paul build a gigantic one last spring. It still hasn’t been mounted and attracting bats, but he’s got one built. It’s the mac-daddy condo complex of bat houses (who wouldn’t want one?!).

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