Friday Five

1. ZOMG life has seemed so crazy busy for months. Since summer there’s been tons of travel and weekend fun and deck building and parties, and it’s been amazing! But after a wedding this weekend, things should die down for me for a couple of months and I’m pretty thrilled about that.

2. And what I’m going to be doing in those few months of dullness is crafting, sewing, and knitting! I’ve spun up most of the yarn for a lace skirt I’m knitting for Spin In at the end of January, I’ve got two Viking costumes to make for the Hoggetowne Faire in February, and I’m going to make a cool vintage-y holiday vest for Chris to wear to Tuba Christmas in December. Um, er… maybe things aren’t going to be slow at all! The holidays and Sophia’s birthday sleepover will be thrown in there, too, so things may be hopping more than expected.

3. I got a new laptop! It’s very cool as the screen flips kind of disjoints from the base and flips around to turn into a tablet-style computer. But the space bar is hella stiff and it’s driving me fucking crazy right now. I hopeit loosens up after time because this might betheend of me. (I’m leaving thenon-spaces in there sothatyou can seehow crazy thismightmake one go.) And the touchscreen isn’t *quite* as responsive as I’d like it to be. But it’s so flippy! And cool! And I don’t have to use a mouse! So I’m keeping it.

4. Yesterday I wore my Tuesday Tutu to work as part of my Halloween costume. It was a hit at the office mostly because my coworkers are so wonderfully cool.

Wonder Woman Tuesday Tutu

5. Maybe I should have titled this post ‘Friday Four’.

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