50 By 50 #27-32: Other Crafty Stuff

This is the last of the crafty lists, and I must admit that this is feeling a bit overwhelming. I know there are still seven years and three days for me to get all of these things worked into my life, but there are things building up on my Pinterest board as well! If you haven’t heard of Pinterest yet, you definitely need to click on over there and check it out! So much to do, so little time.
Ok, enough babble. Here we go!

27. Figure out the recipe for Chris’ ultimate mustache wax. We have the supplies to do this, we just need to play around with it to figure out the consistency that Chris likes the best. Not too waxy, not too greasy.

28. Enter a craft in the county fair. Alachua County fair or Preston County fair, it matters not!

29. Make salsa from ingredients that I grew in my yard. I’m considering the tomato and pepper (And basil! Lots and lots of basil!) hay bale garden that I grew this summer a total success and am looking forward to trying to grow onions and garlic this winter!

30. Grow spinnable cotton. Lord knows I’ve got the flat expanse of burning hot yard for it.

31. Either get the big loom working or pass it on to someone who will. Oh I do love having a loom! But I’ve never used it. I got it for a steal of a deal, but need to repair the brake on it, and I’m not exactly sure how to do that. I know Ginger will help me, so I’ll schedule some time with her to take a look at it.

32. Join the local handweaver’s guild. I’ve got to send my $20 in soon so that I can attend the cotton spinning workshop.

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