Pajama Day

I joked on Facebook yesterday that I plan to stay in my pajamas alllll super long weekend long. It’s homecoming weekend at UF, so I had today off of work, then I also have Monday off for Veteran’s Day. This is what I expect to look like all weekend long:



And so far, it’s working! Today I slept in with the puppies, drank a couple of lovely cups of tea, played a lot of video games, spun quite a few grams of fiber for the epic lace skirt (Post upcoming on that one!), ate a delivered, delicious, chili jacket potato from Conestoga’s, spin more fiber, took a nice nap, played more video games, and watched about three quarters of a season of SVU (So far.). I’ll be picking up my knitting (The lace skirt again.) momentarily. Schroeder’s helping by being equally lazy:



It’s been a pretty incredible day, and I can’t help but look forward to the rest of the weekend. It will contain all of the above listed things, plus Satchel’s with an awesome bunch, a quick in-law/niece visit, the Gainesville Community Band concert, Four Rivers BBQ, and a fun tromp through the woods.

One day down, three to go. Damn, I love this life.

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  1. m0mmacat says:

    We had matching days. <3

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