50 By 50 #12-17: Sewing

Of course my 50 By 50 list ended up being mostly crafty stuff. I’ve broken them down into categories for your convenience. Ok, really for my convenience.

12. Wear my wedding dress again. By this I mean to remake my wedding dress into something more wearable. And then wear it! I’ve already started pulling the dress apart and hope to have the remake done in time to wear the new dress to my high school reunion at the end of September.

13. Make a quilt for Jasmine. I still have her first baby blanket from the hospital when she was born, so I’ll put that inside with the batting.

14. Make 3 work shirts for Chris. By ‘work shirts’ I mean basic camp shirts with a pocket. I already have the pattern and the fabric for the first one.

15. Make 7 skirts. That’s only one skirt a year! I can totally do that and be better off for it. I found a great skirt recipe for recreating your favorite skirt that I hope to use the hell out of.

16. Get the serger working. Sew more. My dad shipped me my mom’s serger when she could no longer use it. She was cognitive enough at the time to insist that he send it to me, for which I am quite grateful. Unfortunately, I’m not showing that appreciation very well. My mom’s serger has sat in the sewing cabinet, unused, for six years. It probably still works, but I need to pull it out, make sure of that, and use it regularly.

17. Empty the mending basket. The always full mending basket. I hates it. Perhaps I shall set aside one day each month to work on the mending basket for at least one hour. I’d have it emptied within a few months, and would be able to easily maintain it. So how does the second Saturday of each month work for you? Great! We’ll start this weekend!

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  1. ...e... says:

    i put things in the mending basket. they sit there, sometimes for years, until eventually i throw them away.

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