Chris and I just returned from our annual trip to West Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. Every May we drive north from Florida, we tool around Appalachia visiting family and friends, and we drive back home. This lends a lot of time to chat, listen to an audiobook, knit, and think. And I think a *lot* on this trip. A crazy lot. I get some of the most *magnificent* ideas! Earth-shattering, life-changing ideas. Business plans and lifestyle decisions are made on this trip. I get so relaxed on this vacation, spending time with people I love, that my creative Pandora’s box gets thrown wide open with abandon. Now that we’ve been back for a day and I’ve had some time at home, those thoughts and ideas have rolled around in my brain and I feel like my skull is going to explode.

So what now? What do I do with all of these lists in my head? Where do I focus this crazy energy?! In past years, it’s all led to nothing. Well there was the one year when I came back and asked Lorena, ‘What if we quit just talking about it and opened up a yarn store?’ But other than that, and yes, that was a huge one, nothing. Nada. I came back home each year, and comfortably slipped back into my routine: wake, work, sit, home, pet, sit, drink, eat, surf, sit, sleep, repeat. Often with a ‘knit’ or ‘sew’ thrown in there once in the while, but still.

We’ve been back a couple of days now, and I feel weird. I haven’t been particularly motivated at work, and I’ve easily slipped back into my crappy routine at home. I’m cranky and sad and confused. If I’m going to break the vacation cycle, it needs to be now. Well, not right now, because we’re heading to The Bushes in a few minutes just like we do every Wednesday. It’s our routine. But tomorrow. Tomorrow I need to break the cycle. I need to come home from work and work some more. I need to make *something* happen. Anything.

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