M-m-m-my Fauxdori

My Jendori has arrived! It is nothing less than fabulous.

While waiting for my real planner, I’ve been carrying around a little notebook that I picked up in Bruges. I think my life has changed already. Pre-planner-life I did tend to put a note or two in my phone if I needed to, especially if someone suggested a movie I should watch or whatnot. But having that simple little ruled notebook in my purse all the time has led to habits such as list-making (Gasp!) and writing (No!) and even some minor journaling (Crazy!). It’s a whole new world out there, people. I’ve switched out my little purse for my larger one (It’s actually more of a winter purse than my little lady bag anyway.) so that I can have my Jendori with me everywhere I go. The idea of filling up an insert, labeling the cover with the beginning and ending dates, storing it away, and starting a fresh new insert really thrills the organizer in me.

But I digress! My new planner really has arrived and I want you to see it! So here’s a video of the unboxing! Eeeeeep!

Post-video watching notes:
-This was pretty obviously the first video of this sort that Chris and I made together. There are a lot of problems with it. But we had *so* much fun making it! And Chris is a wonderful editor! So I think we might make another video one day.
-I was wearing my pajamas. I didn’t think they’d show. Forgive me.
-I honestly didn’t realize that the focus would be on me so much. I know that sounds ridiculous, as the camera was pointing right at me the whole time. But I probably would have worn a different shirt (And put on real pants!) if I had known that.
-I am so decorated from the elbows down!

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5 Responses to M-m-m-my Fauxdori

  1. terry says:

    This made me very happy. And I am glad planners are making a comeback. I have never been able to make the transition from paper to electronic planners. Glad I won’t be alone anymore. 🙂

    • Sharon says:

      Then you probably had a Covey or a Franklin planner too, eh?! Hell, you might still. I loved my Covey planning. I had an awesome aluminum planner. The same kind was used as a prop by the doctor on Babylon 5!

  2. Kim says:

    I love this and especially the PURPLE. I have a Pink Covey classic size binder for wire bound inserts and now you e given me great ideas to make my own, without the wire! Well done video.

  3. First – I love your categories as I am a fan of the Big Bang Theory as well!

    Next, I wanted to share with you a destination that you should put in your planner. I just visited Whispering Oaks Winery (www.winesofflorida.com) and had a great time, not to mention delicious wine at the wine tasting bar!

    If you get a chance, It is near the Villages/Ocala right off of 75. Check it out!

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