The Next Big Thing

I’m plugging right along on my 50 By 50 list! I’ve been checking small things off here and there after the first big check mark of restyling my wedding dress. And now Chris and I are honing in on the next big thing: Item #45 Do something fun and cool with Sophia.

Sophia is our oldest niece. She’s nearly ten years old, and lives in Jacksonville with her parents and grandparents. We’ve decided to sweep the girl away for a weekend of Medieval fun and festivities in Gainesville.

We plan to send Sophia a scroll from ‘the king’ about a week before the Hoggetowne Medieval Faire. This fancy note will tell her that she has been selected to travel back in time to visit the king and queen, accompanied by two experienced time travelers. She’ll be instructed to be ready at a certain time on February 4th, dressed in appropriate period attire (Chris’ mom, Sophia’s grandmother, has graciously agreed to construct a Ren Faire costume for Sophia on the sly.), with an overnight bag packed for the trip. Then Chris and I will appear on her doorstep at the quoted time dressed in our full regalia of puffy sleeves, clan tartan, and fancy bonnets to sweep her away to the Medieval towne of Gainesville!

2003 – Our first Hoggetowne Faire together
I took advantage of the recent JoAnn Fabrics’ pattern sale to stock up on Renaissance patterns for both me and Chris, and I’ve started a Pinterest board with inspirational costumes. Chris will wear his dress kilt (Totally not cannon, but it sure is sharp looking!) and I’ll make him a fancy waistcoat and short cape. I want to wear a huge dress with fur sleeves and of course I’ll need an entire set of underclothes as well. I better go get started. I’ve got a lot of sewing to do in the next ten weeks!
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3 Responses to The Next Big Thing

  1. Erin Curry says:

    You are perhaps the coolest person I know. Can I tell you I had a hoop skirt phase? Yes. I made art on hoopskirts and have a notebook around here with cuttings from everywhere. Somehow I managed to not make one for myself, but I’m soo beyond pleased you’re making one.

  2. Meg says:

    Ooooh…fun, I took my princess Sophia to the ren faire a couple years back and had her festooned with flowers…enjoy!!

  3. idyllicchick says:

    @Erin You can borrow my hoop skirt any time!

    @Meg Oh good idea! I want our niece to feel like a pretty, pretty princess, and flowers in her hair will top that off nicely.

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