I drink a cup of tea each morning. I switch to coffee when I go to work, but at home tea is my morning drink of choice. As with beer, coffee, chocolate, champagne, and pizza, I’m no tea snob. I do enjoy a lovely cup of hand-picked green leaf Chinese tea, but I will also do well with a teabag of Lipton. Though the Anglophile in me would prefer to see PG Tips.

I find that the times that I do want a really lovely cup of brew, I’m as much in it more for the ritual and the beauty as the end product. I have a lovely Hall Aladdin pot with an intact infuser, but the holes are a bit large for some of the finer loose teas that I have readily available. So I decided last week it was time to treat myself to a new teapot. I found a lovely little glass number with a huge mesh infuser.



I made my first couple of cuppas this weekend and also initiated the beautiful James Garfield reproduction teacup that I picked up at the Jimmy Carter Museum. Isn’t it pretty? I think I mostly chose Garfield’s pattern in particular because he and his wife never had a chance to choose their own Presidential China pattern. This pattern is a reproduction of what they used in their home in Ohio.


Oh! And I was also able to use my newest tiny spoon. A little silver number that I picked up at a weird antique shop in Kennesaw, GA. So it’s not just tea that makes me happy, it’s all of the pretties that go along with it!

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