50 By 50 #18-22: Spinning

More crafty things for the list! I’m thinking the spinny stuff should come before the knitting stuff, even though there is crossover, of course.

18. Spin and knit 20 hats from WV fleece. About a year and half ago I bought my first sheep fleece. It came from Preston County just like me and my spinning wheel. I’ve washed it, dyed it, and have carded most of it. I’ve spun some of it and don’t hate it, so I plan to make hats for my WV family from it.
19. Learn three more spinning drafting methods. At first I was listing these as separate items: Learn to long draw wool, get better at cotton spinning, learn to spin woolen style. I put them together in order to get more items onto my list!

20. Learn to spin on a great wheel. Hoping Ginger will help me out with this one. Hrm, I guess I could have included this with #19.

21. Investigate silk reeling and growing silk worms. ‘Investigate’ does not mean ‘do it’. I don’t even know what a damn mulberry tree looks like.

22. Plan and hold a spinning retreat. This is an idea that a couple of us came up with at Spin In last year. Even though Hanks no longer exists, it’s something that I’d like to see happen.

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5 Responses to 50 By 50 #18-22: Spinning

  1. Arne says:

    A spinning retreat sounds delightful!

  2. ...e... says:

    let me know when’s the retreat!

  3. Tarrant says:

    We have a mulberry tree in our yard.

  4. idyllicchick says:

    @TW I’ll let you know when the caterpillars get hungry.

  5. idyllicchick says:

    @Arne and @…e… I’ll let you know when it happens!

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